Mission: 58 (ROAM-MIZ)

ROAM-MIZ mission. SG537 with Wetlabs and Optode.
Mission Number Mission Name Start Date End Date Notes  
58ROAM-MIZ08/10/201914/01/2020ROAM-MIZ mission. SG537 with Wetlabs and Optode.
57North Sea pH19/08/201926/08/2019pH sensors testing in the North Sea. SG510 with NOC pH sensor, Fluidion pH Sensor and Aandera 4831F
56Autonaut Trials24/06/201906/09/2019First trial of the release mechanism of Caravella. SG579 will be used.
55FSC 201915/04/201931/05/2019Deployment of ADCP glider (SG637) over an ADCP mooring in the Faroe-Shetland Channel. In collaboration with Marine Scotland Science.
54ELO25/01/201915/05/2019Equatorial Line Observations. SG641 with CT, O2, WL and PAR, and SG537 with CT and PAM
53Caltech Backup 16/12/201824/03/2019ROAM MIZ Caltech backup
52ObanTrials2 1820/11/201824/11/2018Second Oban test for the ADCP glider (sg637) Oxygen, SeaOWL, CT
51PS11807/02/201910/04/2019SG613 with CT and Microstructure and SG558 with CT, PAR and WL, deployed by German RV Polarstern in the Weddell Sea
50Bellingshausen21/12/201815/03/2019SG620 with CT, WL and dO2, deployed in the Bellingsgausen Sea
49Bransfield stra20/01/201910/02/2019SG579 with CT, dO2, WL and PAR, deployed in Bransfield strait by Brazilian NPo Almirante Maximiliano
48Oban trials 1813/08/201817/08/2018Testing of sg537, sg558, sg613, sg620, sg637 and sg641 for different upcoming missions
47AlterEcoMay1808/05/201810/08/2018Third deployment of the AlterEco project. SG510 with nutrient, oxygen and CT sensors, and SG579 with Wetlabs, oxygen, PAR, CT north of Dogger Bank, North Sea (http://altereco.ac.uk)
46AlterEcoFeb1807/02/201808/05/2018Second deployment of the AlterEco project. SG510 with nutrient, oxygen and CT sensors, and SG620 with Wetlabs, oxygen, PAR, CT north of Dogger Bank, North Sea (http://altereco.ac.uk)
45POETS-P304/01/201815/01/2018Sophie Fielding's WCB survey in South Georgia (BAS)
44MerMEED02/11/201709/11/2017Deployment of microstructure Seaglider SG641 east of the Bahamas as part of Mechanisms Responsible for Mesoscale Eddy Energy Dissipation (MeRMEED)
43AlterEco06/11/201724/01/2018First deployment of the AlterEco project. SG537 with nutrient and oxygen sensors north of Dogger Bank, North Sea (http://altereco.ac.uk)
42N-REP1709/06/201725/06/2017Deployment of the PAM glider for CMRE's N-REP17 experiment
41MASSMO 401/06/201725/06/2017Deployment of a PAM and a microstructure glider in the Faroe-Shetland Channel in collab. with NOC and DSTL
40Glider ATSC26/01/201701/05/2017Example glider mission: Oman 3
39Glider ATSC25/01/201701/05/2017Example glider mission: Oman 2
38Glider ATSC24/01/201701/05/2017Example glider mission: Oman 1
37Glider ATSC23/01/201701/05/2017Example glider mission: REP14
36Glider ATSC22/01/201701/05/2017Example glider mission: Osmosis 4
35Glider ATSC21/01/201701/05/2017Example glider mission: Osmosis 3
34Glider ATSC20/01/201701/05/2017Example glider mission: Osmosis 2
33Glider ATSC19/01/201701/05/2017Example glider mission: Osmosis 1
32Glider ATSC18/01/201701/05/2017Example glider mission: Faroe Shetland Channel
31BoBBLE14/06/201628/07/2016Deployment of sg613 and sg619 (Microstructure) and sg579, sg620 from UEA, and sg532, sg533 and sg534 from MARS
30Boussole07/03/201618/04/2016Deployment of SG537 at the Boussole time series site (Mediterranean Sea) and pH/p(CO2) sensor testing
29Oman 308/12/201515/03/2016Third deployment out of Muscat investigating bioluminescence and anoxia in the Gulf of Oman
28Whittard Canyon14/08/201510/09/2015Observing internal waves and background hydrography during the interdisciplinary CODEMAP cruise.
27Oban Microstruc21/06/201528/06/2015Testing out SG613 equipped with the new Rockland miscrostructure probes alongside slocums and a microstructure profiler.
26Oman 203/06/201530/06/2015Round 2 of the ONR Global-NERC project in the Sea of Oman
25Oman01/03/201503/06/2015ONR Global and NERC projects investigation bioluminescence, productivity and biophysical linkages in the Sea of Oman
24CalTech Weddell24/11/201401/04/2015Caltech deployment backup piloting data
23FSC07/08/201407/10/2014Faroe Shetland Channel, virtual mooring above actual mooring
22Irish Acoustics13/07/201422/07/2014Further tests of the PAM sensor off the coast of Ireland
21REP1407/06/201424/06/2014Deployment of SG502 (Minke), SG524 (Kong) and SG537 (Fin) in the Mediterranean Sea for REP14
20PLOCAN trials 210/02/201401/03/2014Testing of SG537 in conjunction with NOC at PLOCAN, Gran Canaria: Second deployment, testing of recovery loop
19Ocean2Ice01/02/201401/03/2014Deployment in the Amundsen Sea along Pine Island glacier investigating intrusions of intermediate watermasses onto the shelf and glacier melt dynamics
18PLOCAN trials 110/02/201401/03/2014Testing of SG537 in conjunction with NOC at PLOCAN, Gran Canaria.
17JONSIS Line07/10/201307/12/2013Deployment of SG502 along the JONSIS Line and near the Fair Isles Channel with Marine Scotland
16SG533 Drift01/08/201301/09/2013Surface drift track of SG533 at the surface after a 10 V battery failure due to optode short
15Oban trials28/07/201304/08/2013Testing SG537 with echosounder, testing SG502 new endcap, testing SG565, collaboration with UEA, BAS MSS, SAMS
14OSMOSIS10/04/201330/09/2013Seaglider deployment at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain time series site, to monitor upper ocean processes during a seasonal cycle. April to June rotation.
13OSMOSIS06/01/201330/04/2013Seaglider deployment at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain time series site, to monitor upper ocean processes during a seasonal cycle. January to April rotation.
12VIMS Ross Sea15/09/201201/02/2013VIMS/USM deployment in the Southern Ross Sea investigating phytoplankton dynamics and influence of prey abundance on penguin grazing dsitribution
11OSMOSIS03/09/201208/01/2013Seaglider deployment at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain time series site, to monitor upper ocean processes during a seasonal cycle. September to January rotation.
10OSMOSIS27/08/201203/09/2012Test launch of SG510 and SG566 in preparation for the OSMOSIS mission
9Gentoo10/01/201127/03/2012A multidisciplinary investigation of biogeochemical and physical oceanographic processes occuring in the ocean at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, involving the deployment of Seagliders from VIMS, Caltech and UEA.
8Tropical DISGO01/09/201131/01/2012Partcipation in CINDY
7North Sea Hypox19/08/201105/09/2011An investigation into the chemical, biological and physical mechanisms regulating the occurrence of seasonal oxygen depletion north of Dogger Bank (http://www.byqueste.com/projects.html). The UEA Seaglider will be released mid-August from the RV CEFAS Endeavour during the International Bottom Trawl Survey.
6North Sea Test 07/05/201113/05/2011Test mission in preparation for August deployment at the North Dogger site (http://www.byqueste.com/projects.html)
5Ross Sea22/11/201019/02/2011GOVARS - Glider Observations of Variability in the Ross Sea (http://iop.apl.washington.edu/seaglider/dives.php?glider=502)
4Vigo01/06/201021/09/2010GOPINA - Glider observations of productivity in the North Atlantic (https://kaiserlab.org/projects/GOPINA.html)

    Alex Etchells, Bastien Queste 2010