SG502 Minke

On permanent vacation in the Sea of Oman

Total dives: 2667
No photo for this glider :(

Missions Completed

Mission Mission Start Date End Date Info Link
26 Oman 2 2015-06-03 2015-06-30 Round 2 of the ONR Global-NERC project in the Sea of Oman Select Mission
21 REP14 2014-06-07 2014-06-24 Deployment of SG502 (Minke), SG524 (Kong) and SG537 (Fin) in the Mediterranean Sea for REP14 Select Mission
17 JONSIS Line 2013-10-07 2013-12-07 Deployment of SG502 along the JONSIS Line and near the Fair Isles Channel with Marine Scotland Select Mission
15 Oban trials 2013-07-28 2013-08-04 Testing SG537 with echosounder, testing SG502 new endcap, testing SG565, collaboration with UEA, BAS MSS, SAMS Select Mission
13 OSMOSIS 2013-01-06 2013-04-30 Seaglider deployment at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain time series site, to monitor upper ocean processes during a seasonal cycle. January to April rotation. Select Mission
5 Ross Sea 2010-11-22 2011-02-19 GOVARS - Glider Observations of Variability in the Ross Sea ( Select Mission