Our gliders

Glider Name Info Current Mission
SG127 Agathe Ex-AWI glider now with UEA. Sister of Bella Mission 64
SG188 Clearview Transparent demonstration glider, do not submerge! Mission 0
SG502 Minke On permanent vacation in the Sea of Oman Mission 39
SG507 Narwhal May it rest in peace (and not in pieces) Mission 3
SG510 Orca Veteran glider undergoing repairs Mission 64
SG522 Beluga GENTOO Seaglider that crossed the ACC - may the mermaids please return it Mission 9
SG537 Fin Ogive fairing carrying CT, O2 optode and Wetlabs ECO Puck. Mission 65
SG558 Bella Ex-AWI glider now with UEA. Sister of Agathe Mission 1
SG579 Humpback CT, O2 optode, WL, PAR. Deployed from the ASV Caravela Mission 1
SG613 Marlin Microstructure glider Mission 65
SG619 Sailfish Lived fast, died young in the Bay of Bengal Mission 31
SG620 Melonhead CT, O2 optode and WL Mission 64
SG637 Omura Joint UEA-MARS Seaglider. 1 MHz AD2CP Mission 60
SG641 Mahi Mahi Scicon glider Mission 54
SG673 Bottlenose CT, O2 optode, WL, PAR, Accusonde Mission 61

Friends of UEA glider

Glider Name Info Current Mission
SG1 test glider Glider for basestation testing Mission 1
SG45 Kvanne VOTO SeaExplorer test Mission 1
SG61 Vass VOTO SeaExplorer Mission 1
SG66 Kalmus VOTO SeaExplorer Mission 1
SG70 Scratch Bastien's SeaExplorer Mission 64
SG503 Crabby VIMS Seaglider in the Ross Sea Mission 12
SG524 Kong Kongsberg Seaglider on REP14-MED Mission 22
SG532 Bellatrix MARS Seaglider on BoBBLE Mission 31
SG533 Canopus MARS Seaglider Mission 36
SG534 Denebola MARS Seaglider on BoBBLE Mission 31
SG539 Queequeg Caltech glider lost in the Bellingshausen Mission 53
SG546 TFP iRobots Echosounder and Current Profiler test glider Mission 9
SG550 Eltanin NOC Glider registered for debugging Mission 0
SG565 James Marr Oban Seatrials July 2013 Mission 45
SG566 Tashtego Andy Thompson's CalTech Seaglider, used on OSMOSIS. Sensors: CTD, O2, Wetlabs, PAR Mission 33
SG602 Scapa NOC Glider registered for debugging Mission 0
SG621 Moby Caltech Bellingshausen glider Mission 59
SG640 Gothenburg ROAM MIZ Backup Mission 58
SG643 Caltech glider ROAM MIZ Caltech Participation Mission 53
SG676 VIMS Glider loaned by VIMS Mission 65