SG558 Bella

Ex-AWI glider now with UEA. Sister of Agathe

Total dives: 892
No photo for this glider :(

Missions Completed

Mission Mission Start Date End Date Info Link
80 PICCOLO 2024-01-18 2024-03-09 PICCOLO field campaign [SG558, SG673, SG579, SG565, SG676] (PICCOLO) Select Mission
77 Oban 2023 2023-06-17 2023-06-24 Trials with Caravela and SG558 Bella Select Mission
75 TARSAN 2022-01-01 2022-03-01 TARSAN, ARTEMIS and COMPASS deployments in the Amundsen Sea Select Mission
59 Bellingshausen 2020-01-15 2020-03-30 SG558 with CT and WL deployed in the Bellingshausen sea Select Mission
51 PS118 2019-02-07 2019-04-10 SG613 with CT and Microstructure and SG558 with CT, PAR and WL, deployed by German RV Polarstern in the Weddell Sea Select Mission
48 Oban trials 18 2018-08-13 2018-08-17 Testing of sg537, sg558, sg613, sg620, sg637 and sg641 for different upcoming missions Select Mission