SG579 Humpback

Veteran Seaglider, passenger of Caravela. Sensors include Conductivity, Temperature, Depth, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorophyll, Backscatter, CDOM, Turbidity, Photosynthetically Active Radiation, Passive Acoustics, Turbulence, pH, Nitrates.

Total dives: 3384
No photo for this glider :(

Missions Completed

Mission Mission Start Date End Date Info Link
75 TARSAN 2022-01-01 2022-03-01 TARSAN, ARTEMIS and COMPASS deployments in the Amundsen Sea Select Mission
60 Eurec4a 2020-01-11 2020-02-25 Caravela, SG579, SG620 and SG637 deployment east of Barbados. ( Select Mission
56 Autonaut Trials 2019-06-24 2019-09-06 First trial of the release mechanism of Caravella. SG579 will be used. Select Mission
49 Bransfield stra 2019-01-20 2019-02-10 SG579 with CT, dO2, WL and PAR, deployed in Bransfield strait by Brazilian NPo Almirante Maximiliano Select Mission
47 AlterEcoMay18 2018-05-08 2018-08-10 Third deployment of the AlterEco project. SG510 with nutrient, oxygen and CT sensors, and SG579 with Wetlabs, oxygen, PAR, CT north of Dogger Bank, North Sea ( Select Mission
31 BoBBLE 2016-06-14 2016-07-28 Deployment of sg613 and sg619 (Microstructure) and sg579, sg620 from UEA, and sg532, sg533 and sg534 from MARS Select Mission
25 Oman 2015-03-01 2015-06-03 ONR Global and NERC projects investigation bioluminescence, productivity and biophysical linkages in the Sea of Oman Select Mission
19 Ocean2Ice 2014-02-01 2014-03-01 Deployment in the Amundsen Sea along Pine Island glacier investigating intrusions of intermediate watermasses onto the shelf and glacier melt dynamics Select Mission
13 OSMOSIS 2013-01-06 2013-04-30 Seaglider deployment at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain time series site, to monitor upper ocean processes during a seasonal cycle. January to April rotation. Select Mission